The program will include

—  New anticancer drugs

—  Medicinal chemistry of anticancer drugs

—  Molecular basis of action and toxicity anticancer drugs

—  Chemoprevention of cancer

—  Chemoresistance of tumors

—  Errors and mistakes in the diagnosis of cancer

—  Multiplex tissue analysis and digital pathology

—  Hematopathology

—  Predictive factors


—  Advances in clinical diagnosis of cancer

—  Tumor genomics and proteomics

—  Pathogenesis of tumors

—  Targeted biological treatment

—  Translational research in oncology

—  Advances in the pathogenesis of COVID -19

—  Immunopathology, immunoeditation of tumors

—  Uropathology

—  Gynecopathology

Oral presentation

Unless otherwise specified (e.g. for invited speakers) regular presentation is scheduled to 10-12 minutes of talk plus 3 minutes for discussion. Speakers are recommended to prepare slides in MS PowerPoint software.

Poster presentation

Poster size: A0 841 mm (width) x 1189 (height).

Floor plan

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